Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wigley in Llandudno - Plaid’s biggest ever Westminster advertising campaign

Plaid Cymru’s biggest ever advertising campaign has been underway in the run-up to the UK general election and our party’s Honorary President Dafydd Wigley made a special call at Llandudno to see for himself the impact we're making in Aberconwy.

Following a fund raising campaign by party activists, Plaid is using a combination of ‘tried and tested’ and ‘new and innovative’ methods of getting their message across.

One of the inventive means that Plaid is employing to communicate with people in communities across Wales is adverts on fleets of buses across the country. Plaid trialled the bus advertising in the Llanelli constituency in October last year. Following a very positive reaction, the party has rolled out the campaign to several constituencies across the length and breadth of Wales, including Aberconwy.

Plaid Cymru is the first party in Wales ever to use this kind of advertising for a political campaign. As well as the bus campaign which includes internal and external adverts, Plaid has been supplementing its intensive Wales-wide door-to-door campaign with innovative web marketing and use of social networking sites.

Dafydd Wigley said:

'Many voters are turning away from the Westminster-based parties in this election. Plaid's outstanding record of being clean of sleaze at Westminster, and of giving the lead to avoid such problems in the Assembly makes Plaid's candidates - like Phil Edwards here in Aberconwy - a natural choice for voters disgruntled with the London parties.

Plaid stands to win its highest-ever tally of seats in the new House of Commons. Every vote strengthens the party's hands in fighting for a better deal for Wales.

I’m delighted to see the message being broadcast loud and clear here in Llandudno both in the town centre office and on the streets.”

Phil Edwards said:

With the three London parties working with the broadcasters to stitch up the Leaders’ debates and exclude Wales’ voice, Plaid has intensified its campaign to speak directly to the people and communities of Wales. Our message on the doorstep will be simple - the choice between the same old politics of Westminster or an independent minded, locally focussed Plaid MP who will stand up for the needs and interests of the communities they represent.

Plaid has to find new and innovative ways of getting our message across to the communities we represent. This year we are running our most ambitious Westminster advertising campaign to date.

After a very positive response from the public to the initial bus advertising, we have now rolled this across Wales in places such as Bangor, Blackwood, Llandudno, Aberystwyth and Cardiff.

Plaid’s ability to embrace innovation and technology is a well recognised success. In addition to our existing presence on the web on websites, blogs and social networking, we will be using internet advertising on sites such as Google to get our message across to as wide an audience as possible.

All of this will of course supplement our Wales wide intensive door-to-door campaign. Plaid candidates for the coming election will all be out and about, talking to people in our communities and ensuring that we take the people’s priorities and values with us to Westminster when called upon.

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