Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cameron lets cat out of the bag - Wales in line for massive cuts to public spending

David Cameron admitted to Jeremy Paxman in his headlining interview screened on the BBC that Northern Ireland and the North East of England were to be first in line for cuts inflicted by an incoming Conservative Government because of the high level of public spending there.

Public spending amounts contributes to about 69% of the economy in the North East of England - which is exactly the same figure as in Wales.

But with Wales also more reliant on the public sector, Cameron's cuts would target Wales disproportionately.

With a glint in their eye the Tories threaten to bring a new age of austerity to the people of Wales unseen here since the dark days of Thatcherism.

Cameron's admission that he would start a massive programme of public sector cutbacks in the poorest areas of the UK before anywhere else is extremely bad news for Wales. We're in exactly the same boat as the north east of England when it comes to the public sector's contribution to the economy so I expect us to be next in line for Tory cuts. Wales is already underfunded from Westminster according to independent experts so it cannot be fair to slash public spending here first where the needs are greatest.

All three of the London parties are united in planning severe cutbacks but the Tories plans go further, quicker and deeper and Wales will be even worse off than it is now if a Conservative Government is elected in Westminster.

The need for a strong block of Plaid MPs to protect frontline public services in Wales has therefore never been greater and if I'm elected to represent the people of Aberconwy in Westminster I will do my utmost to prevent the Tory plans for Wales from beig realised. We're now in desperate need of a balanced Parliament where Plaid MPs will join with our Scottish colleagues in the SNP to create a formidable Celtic block of MPs ready to demand fair funding for our nations in order to protect our school, hospitals and jobs.

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