Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Former Top Cops Backing Phil Edwards for Aberconwy

I'm very grateful to two highly-esteemed former colleagues for the following testimonials.


I first met Phil Edwards in Dolgellau in 1971 in my second year of over 30 years’ Police Service, from which I retired (from the post of Assistant Chief Constable) in March 2000.

Over the intervening years I have got to know Phil very well through both professional and social contact, thereby enabling me to offer a well-informed opinion of him.

I regard Phil as a highly-principled person with sound moral values, whose professional and personal integrity have always been above reproach.

As a police officer, he could be relied upon to carry out his duties to the highest professional standards - always displaying sound personal responsibility, proportionality, common sense and empathy with the public in doing so. These qualities continue to be very much in evidence as he pursues his post-policing political career.

The high degree of respect Phil had built up as an operational officer amongst his Federation colleagues and Senior and Chief Officers in the North Wales Police prior to his election to the post of Secretary of the Joint Branch Board of the North Wales Police Federation in 1994, became further enhanced by the way he discharged the challenging responsibilities in that role right through to his retirement.

I have absolute confidence in advancing the view that Phil was by far the most discerning, astute, politically-aware, enlightened, progressive and influential Joint Branch Board Secretary the North Wales Police had during my entire service. Not only was Phil able to sustain the support and confidence of Federation members and the respect and esteem of North Wales Police senior management through a period of substantial and difficult changes, he also became a highly regarded and influential figure in his participation in regional and national Police Federation matters.

Phil is an individual who can not only be proud of what he attained as an operational police officer (in several different roles), but also of the substantial contributions he made and the influence he exerted in shaping developments within the police service in North Wales and beyond.

Particular mention should be made of matters affecting the welfare and wellbeing of colleagues, conditions of service and quality of service to the public.

Phil is an individual for whom quality public service has been a focal aspect of his entire adult life. I believe this to be a key strength in his political career for him and for the public he wishes to represent.

Elfed Wynn Roberts QPM, MPDA, BA(Hons) FCMI

Retired Assistant Chief Constable

North Wales Police

Recently retired Chairman of the North West Wales NHS Trust

I have had the privilege of knowing Phil Edwards, professionally and personally, for the best part of thirty-five years. He is best summed up as being a person of the utmost sincerity and integrity.

We last worked together between 1994 and 1999 when he was the Secretary of the Joint Branch Board of the North Wales Police Federation. This post is unique in any police force and demands a raft of skills and experience in the world of policing, both national and local.

Phil demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the demands placed upon UK police forces by changing political, financial and operational imperatives. His position required him to consider and comment upon legislation, strategies, policies and procedures affecting not only his members but also the wider policing community and public.

It is to his credit that he undertook these responsibilites in the most professional way and as a consequence made a considerable contribution to the welfare of police officers, to the impact of operational policing and to informing the policing debate throughout the region and elsewhere.

John Williams Cooke MA

Retired Assistant Chief Constable

North Wales Police

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