Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wigley: “Who do YOU want in Westminster to fight Wales’ corner come Friday?”

Only Plaid will protect our interests in hung parliament

“Plaid will go up to Westminster to fight for the future of our jobs, hospitals and schools”, says Plaid Cymru Honorary President Dafydd Wigley.

At a campaign event in Aberconwy yesterday, Mr Wigley said that the cuts planned by the 3 London parties would be disastrous for the Welsh economy and that none of them would give a second thought to the needs of Wales during negotiations in a balanced parliament.

Mr Wigley added that Plaid Cymru is the only party that would focus 100% on the needs of Welsh communities during negotiations – the only party that will fight for our interests. He said that Tory, Labour or Lib Dem MPs returned on Thursday would be told to tow their party line and ignore the needs of their communities.

Plaid Cymru Honorary President Dafydd Wigley said:

"Never before have we faced such a fight to ensure the future of jobs and services in Wales. Labour has already announced around £3 billion worth of cuts to Wales over the next 3 years - the Tories propose to cut harder and deeper, and the Lib Dems are planning savage cuts.

“Be under no illusions - none of the 3 London parties will be giving a second thought to the needs of Wales in the event of a balanced parliament.

“The Conservative, as always, refuse to look after Wales, the Lib-Dems don’t know how to look after Wales and Labour are totally incapable of looking after Wales - they’re finished.

“There is only one team that can now be trusted to defend Wales’ interests around any negotiation table – a strong Plaid team will go up to Westminster to fight for the future of our jobs, our hospitals and schools.

“Come Thursday, we have the opportunity to give our communities real local champions, ready to go up to Westminster to protect our communities and defend our country from disproportionate London cuts – It’s time to put Wales first.”

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