Thursday, 25 March 2010

Why don't they sign the Real Policing Pledge?

I took part in a lively and interesting hustings debate with the other three main candidates yesterday live on local community radio courtesy of Siôn Pritchard and friends at Tudno FM.
The first of the questions focused on our differing plans to improve policing in Aberconwy and I have to say while my fellow candidates can certainly talk a good game, their actions in reality fall far short of their rhetoric.

As an ex-police officer myself with thirty years' service, and as the former General Secretary of the North Wales Police Federation I find this complete disregard for their campaign deeply disturbing.
I have responded to the pledge and I support all five measures:
  • Commit to the office of constable as the bedrock of modern policing 
  • Maintain the number of warranted police constables in England and Wales 
  • Ensure that all constables are adequately trained to do their jobs
  • Commit to maintain an effective ratio of constables to support staff on community policing teams 
  • Honour the Police Negotiating Board
It's not too late so I urge my fellow candidates to sign up to the Real Policing Pledge today.


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