Monday, 1 March 2010

It's Plaid for Aberconwy - says Labour Minister

Even the Secretary of State for Wales Peter Hain has appealed to voters to back Plaid Cymru in Aberconwy - saying that voters should unite behind the only party that can beat the Conservatives.

With Labour out of the race in the Aberconwy Constituency, only Plaid can now see off the threat of a divisive right-wing Tory MP.

Following Mr Hain's widely reported remarks over the past few days, Plaid's Aberconwy candidate Phil Edwards said:

"This weekend we've been campaigning in Llanfairfechan, and, once again, the response has been magnificent and very warm. People I’ve never met are calling out ‘good luck’ across the street as we are out and about

"In the context of Aberconwy, Peter Hain is absolutely right: it's Plaid or the Tories, the tide and the mood are clearly with us. I would ask supporters of other parties to lend me their support in this coming election, to ensure that Aberconwy has someone in Westminster fighting for the interests of all constituents and to get a better deal from Westminster.

"Last weekend I took part in the Plaid pre-election conference. Everyone was in buoyant mood and I can rarely remember such a sense of optimism in advance of any election, let alone a General Election for the UK Parliament.

"Contrast this with the mood of this weekend's Tory conference, providing headlines such as 'Poll fears stalk Tory conference’."

Mr Edwards urged the people of Aberconwy to 'think different'.

"At a time when people in Wales have never felt so angry and let down by the same stale old politics in Westminster, there is the chance for some fresh and independent thinking here in Aberconwy."

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