Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More good news as pensioners to get £500 to scrap old boilers

And here's the second bit of good news from the Assembly today, again courtesy of our AM Gareth Jones.


I have had a number of enquiries from constituents regarding the details of the boiler scrappage scheme so I'm pleased with news today from the Welsh Government that eligible homeowners over 60 will be able to scrap their old G-rated boiler and get £500 towards the cost of a new one.

The scheme is very much targeted towards those people regarded as being in fuel poverty, which is defined as spending 10% of household income on fuel bills.

If you think you are in this category then from the 6th April you’re advised to call 0800 316 2816 or register with the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme on their website at http://www.heeswales.co.uk/

If you need to know what kind of boiler you’ve got then from the same date 6th April EAGA can tell you if you ring the same number.

I’ve also had a number of enquiries from local plumbers and heating engineers and if they wish to to be considered as registered installers they too need to register from 6th April on the HEES website, http://www.heeswales.co.uk/

Anyone experiencing problems in registering is welcome to contact my office on 01492 642014.

Gareth Jones AM

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