Thursday, 25 March 2010

Think Different.Think Plaid.

At the end of the live hustings debate on Tudno FM, Head of News, Siôn Pritchard asked all four candidates why people should vote for them at the forthcoming General Election.

Here's my response:

I've been knocking on doors for over twelve months now and people are telling me that they've never felt so angry, so let down, and so sick of the same old politics from the London parties.

Professors, Political Editors and Pollsters tell us that only Plaid can beat the Conservatives here.

So the people of Aberconwy have a clear choice.

They can either have a Plaid MP, answerable only to our communities, standing up for them and for Wales in Westminster, very possibly in a hung parliament, or a Conservative MP who would be bound by what his London party dictates.

A Tory victory isn’t a foregone conclusion here - it doesn't have to happen here in Aberconwy like it surely will happen elsewhere.

I'm standing for election to work side by side with our AM and colleagues in the Welsh Government, working to protect and improve our hospital not to cut NHS spending, working with our police and council officers - not against them, fighting for fair funding for Wales and for a better future for the people.
I'm standing up for our communities here, for farmers in the Conwy valley, for pensioners in poverty, for the small businesses and motorists and the average worker who have all been taxed till the pips squeak because these London parties have let the banks run riot.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

More and more of your listeners are turning to Plaid because they know Plaid offers something different to the rest. I don't have to toe their London party line. I am here to work hard for our people – for fair play, honesty and justice.
This isn’t a time for politics as usual. You can make this happen.

I urge you to Think Different.Think Plaid.

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