Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fighting for a fair deal for Wales

A letter published in the local paper this week:

If there is anyone left in Aberconwy or in any part of Wales who had any niggling doubts as to who would best serve Wales in Westminster after the General Election, those reservations must surely have been dispelled after the Chancellor sat down having delivered his election Budget.

There was nothing positive in it for pensioners, the low-paid or struggling businesses.

Their Budget was not about us the people, it was about them - London Labour pulling any trick in the book to try and get themselves re-elected in a few weeks time - and it won't work.

Wales was already underfunded to the tune of £300 million every year, we now know from the Auditor General for Wales that that figure is going to be closer to £1 billion a year under Labour.

The cuts which the Conservatives have promised and seemingly relish will be even deeper.

Plaid is the only party that is committed to fighting for Wales and protect our public services.

And fight we will.

Phil Edwards

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