Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sut gaiff gofal yng Nghymru ei ariannu? Dweud eich dweud - Paying for Care - Have your say

Mae'r amser yn rhedeg allan i bobol Cymru cael deud eu deud ar sut gaiff gofal yng Nghymru ei ariannu.

There is a hugely important discussion going on in the National Assembly for Wales at the moment which could affect very many people in Wales.

A consultation is taking place about future plans on how we will be paying for care in Wales. There are various options being discussed including paying for care through general taxation.

There is a website available for further information http://www.payingforcareinwales.net/

I would urge anyone who has any views about this or any other option to make them known urgently. The consultation ends on 28th February 2010.

People can e-mail views to payingforcare@wales.gsi.gov.uk, or they can write to the Paying for Care Team, Older People and Long-term Care, Policy Division, Welsh Assembly Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ.


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