Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Diwrnod hanesyddol - Historic day

Diwrnod hanesyddol

Mae heddiw - Chwefror 9ed - yn ddiwrnod hanesyddol. Mae diwedd y status quo gymhleth a glogyrnaidd y system LCO o fewn golwg ac edrychwn ymlaen at gefnogi'r ymgyrch 'IE'.

Mae hwn yn benllanw pwysig i ni fel plaid a diolchwn i’n haelodau ac i’n dim yn y Cynulliad am eu holl waith caled yn cyrraedd y pwynt yma.

An historic day

Today – February 9th – is a historic day. The end of the complex and cumbersome status quo of the LCO process is in sight, and we look forward to supporting the ‘YES’ campaign.

Today is an important landmark for us as a party, and we would like to thank our members and the Assembly team for all their hard work in helping us to reach this stage.

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